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Sound for WIFF - 2015

OMS is proud to head the all new WIFF Media Team. With coordination of our 10 person team, we interviewed the who's who of the Windsor International Film Festival "2015" including directors, producers, filmmakers, and the many volunteers, coordinators, and directors that make up WIFF. You will find the videos HERE. - the one's with the WIFF 2015 THUMBNAILS.

OMS Producing/Editing Radio Shows - 2015

JD is a long-time producer & editor of BigJD & Lippo In the Morning, formerly of 99.1 FM and now a podcast. OMS also produces uTalkin2Me and there are some new things in the works with BigJD & Lippo. In music news, JD is producing the debut CD from Buckle Up, "There's a Punktry Hoedown." (Country/Punk)

Our Services


We shoot films, weddings, corporate, commercial, real estate, training & music videos, for TV, the web, DVD, etc.


We edit what we shoot. As well, we can edit your existing footage: film, wedding video, music video, home movies, etc.

Audio Post

We can fix and mix your film sound. We are Pro Tools certified and mix right up to surround. Visit Sound 4 Picture.


Demo or finished master, and we are MFiT compliant. Need radio production? No problem. We do it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a video?

If you want your web presence to stand out, you need video. If you train employees, you need video. Going for that corporate career job? Maybe you need a video resume. And if you're a bride, photos are great, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a thousand pictures! You'll regret not having a wedding video. We shoot event videos, music videos, video apologies, real estate videos, short films, documentaries, web videos, series, pilots, webisodes, feature films, and more. Even if you already shot your project, we can edit for you.

Why do I need someone to do my film audio post-production?

Simply put, your film's sound can make or break your production. While the saying garbage-in / garbage-out holds true, even if your film sound quality is poor chances are we can fix it. And if your sound is good, we'll make it better. There are industry standards to follow for DVD, Blu-Ray, Cinema/Theatre, etc. Let OMS fix and mix your film sound. We can accompany right up to surround. We are audio post pros for film and TV. Your project will never have sounded so good!

What if I can't write my commercial or my film screenplay?

Let us write your copy or film script. We've won awards for it! That's what we do, from radio & tv commercial copy, to short films, documentaries and feature film screenplays, there's no need to worry. Award-winning screenwriter on staff!


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